Winners, Runners Up and Top Fivers will be listed here the Saturday following the end of challenge.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Eclectic Ellapu's Challenges.  Without further adieu here are the winners......

Please collect the badge of your choice from the Badge of Recognition page.....

Winners of 
Furry Friends

Winners of Girly Birthday with a butterfly

Winners of Time


11 - Julie Vazq

Runners Up

4 - Linda Simpson

8 - Deanne

Top 5ers
in numerical order

2 - Maureen S
3 - Mary Marsh
6 - Irenes Handmade Art
9 - Alycia
12- Sarah M

Winners of Card for a man


26 - Karens Stamping and Crafting

Runners up

8 - Vinita

32 - Lis M

Top 5ers
in numerical order

25 - Sammibug
27 - Anna
38 - BB Creations
40 - Susanne

****************************************************** Winners of Spring

31 - Susanne

Runners Up

38 - Janis in ID

21 - Marina

Top 5ers

1 - The little stamper
26 - Billie A
39 - Gloria Shirr
5 - Lorianna
43 - Pauline

Winners of  SKETCH

Seeing as there were only 3 entries (and beutiful entries they are too) for this category you are all winners.

1. Birgit

2 - Deonna B

3 - Vinita

Winners of Feeling Fruity


7 - Dewi

Runners up

4 - Handmade with lots of love

5 - Message Keeper

Top Fivers (in no particular order)

6- Papersniffer
2 - Angelique
3 - AJ
1- Dewi

Winners of Birthday


11 - Penumbra Hallows

Runners up

51 - Hazel

46 - Anna

Top Fivers (in no particular order)

37 - Judiths Adorable Creations
30 - Niki1
18 - Jenlee
5 - Linda Simpson
13 - Marina

**************************************************** Winners of One for the boys as chosen by Laurian

21   Tip Top

Runners Up

4   Coops

83   Scraps of Faith

Top 5ers

17   Jen Leeflang
24   Hazel
26   Jennifer Scull
61   Susan H
77   Dawns Crafting

Winners of EASTER as chosen by Elaine W


25 - Glittertastic

Runners up

 8 - Susanne

14 - KT Fit Kitty

Top 5ers 

3 - Catherine

10 - KT Fit Kitty

38 - Aylicia Clark

39 - Leona

40 - Carmen

Winners of Wings as chosen by May


Runners up...

Top Five:

1...Message Keeper
74 Karen P


Winners of Flowers and Butterflies as chosen by Vicky

49. Karon H

Runners Up

5.Sandra Car

53. Karen P

Top Fivers

16. Lorraine C
18. Lozzy
38.Faith A


Winners of Vintage as chosen by May

#7  Heidi

Runners up  
#1 Katie K

    #14 Kaija

TOP 5ers

# 13 COOPS
#5    HAZEL
#11  EINAT
#2   IRENA

Winners of Sequins, Gems and Sparkle


1. Laila aka Koneko

Runner Up:

17.  Coops

35. Kardmaking

Top 5:

14.  Laine
27.  Melissa Sunshine Honeybee
34.  Hazel
40.  Susanna
44.  Jessie L

Winners of Anything but a card

Winner5 - Mansi

Runners Up

17 - Altered Art

12 - Lou Sims

Top Fivers - in no particular order

27 - Crazy Creative
5 - Diane H
7 - Twisted Witch Lin
13 - Lena Loken
3 - Jen Leeflang

Winners for From the heart 

54 - Gro Tjeltveit

Runners Up

42 - Coops

47 - Vickie Odell

Top Fivers

37 - Debbie S
12 - Sandra Carey
28 - Karen McAlpine
45 - Sandie
68 - Jessie L

Winners of Texture


19 - Claire C

Runners Up

35 - Messy Mixed Media 

22 - Shea

Top Fivers in numerical order

5 - Julie
11 - Judith W
25 - Coops
44 - Pia
48 - Sue N


Winners of our last challenge for 2013
Anything but a card 

5 - Olesia

Runners up

27 - Anna's Han

18 - Jen Leeflang

Top Fivers

17 - Lalkygirl
1 - NEC
12 - Antoinette
13 - Chana
22 - Jackie W

See you all in Feb 2014
Please do not forget us xxx


Winners of Black and White


6 - Gro-Tjeltveit

Runners up

 2 - Lorraine A

4 - Cass

Top Fivers

 1 - Three Trees

3 - Sandra Carey

5 - Samantha K


Inspired by a film


Runners Up

Top 5ers

12 Tracey F
15 Debbie S
13 Wiola
16  Carol Gill
5 Shea Marshall

Thank you for joining in ladies xx

Winners of Halloween
Here goes - fabulous people


Runners up

Top 5

27-Magpie Heaven




46-Sammy Jean

Winners of 1st Birthday

As there were only 5 entries I could not choose between you so I am making you all winners this week



Julie Gleeson



Winners of Celebrate Autumn


#44 Dots Dabbles

Runners Up: 

#2 Carol Gill 

# 29 Joan W

Top 5: 

#23 Peggy R

#14 Emily L

#15 Karen P

#38 Sarah

#30 Mary C

Winners for the SKETCH challenge


Runners up


Top Fivers





Winners of 

For a Boy


#36 Gail L

Runners Up:

#23 Anita M

#40 Tine

Top Fivers:

#5 Crafting Vicky
#6 Craftdee Donna
#12 Debbie S
#26 Beth C
#28 Vicky PP

Well done everyone - thank you for sharing your art with us.  We hope to see you all in our big treasure hunt starting October 1st

Winners of Puppy Love


#5 Coops


#6 Lisa

#16 AJ

Top 5:

#3 Annie G
#4 Heidi D
#9 Jennifer
#12 Annie
#17 Gail L

Winners of Sentimental


Runners up

Top Five

9 - Indira
23 - Wishcraft
26 - Coops
31 - UTS hobby time
21 - Doreen

Special Mention

To entry no 22 - Lyla who is only 12 years old and has shown great potential and use of technique with her card.

Oldies Birthday Challenge 

#6 Tip Top

Runner Ups

#3 Macarena

Top Five

#1 Glittertastic
#2 Jen Leeflang
#7 Cass
#10 Coops
#11 Helena


Winner of In the Deck

1  Emily Shroom

Art Deco winners

As there were only 3 entries this week (Summer holidays I would imagine) I could not pick just one winner so in my infinite wisdom I am choosing all three as our winners this week

1. Alexandra

2. Jose

3 Hazel


Winners of For a teacher


4 - Deanne

Runners up

3 - Deonna B

5 - Vicki

1 - Elizabeth H

2 - Hazel


Winners of Anything Goes


23 - Tracey Brossart

Runners Up

151 - Sharron Sharrahug

2 - Ginny

Top Fivers
(in no particular order)

88 - Yvonne Morentin
104 - Kelly N
110 - AJ
118- Gunn's Kort
154 - Millazin
17 - Katharin a Wikholm
27 - Desire Fourie
70- Olesia
48 - Tammy A
51 - Sheryl Hare

Please take your badges from the badges page.  Thank you all for entering and hope to see you all again.

Purple Butterfly Challenge Winners 

#3 Eva

Runners Up
#4 Lori

#6 Vic

Top fivers
(in numerical order)

1 - Ginny
2 - Gloria Shirr
5 - Soma
7 - Helen


Kelly has now chosen her favorites for last weeks flower challenge - so here goes


#29 Kate

Runners up 

Top Fivers
In numerical order



Winners of 
It's a mans world

Fabulous entries again this week - Jacki has chosen the winners and again another tough job - glad it wasn't me choosing lol


16 - Jackie Wallace 

Runners up 

9 - Coops

19 - Chrissyxx

Top Fivers 
in no particular order

4 - Maria 
7 - Lacey Stephens
13 - Nanaconnie
3 - Lozzy
5 - Clare C 
Winners of TIME

I know the sun has been shining brightly this week and who wants to craft when there is so much sunshine about.  Must be the reason for having only 3 entrants - however that said the three who did enter are fabulous pieces of work.

Sandie chose the following:


1 - Coops

Runners up (no particular order)

2 -Cards by Mi

3 - Pia



Unfortunately there is not a Top Five due to only 3 entries this week, however the three who entered are absolutely fabulous.  Thank you ladies x


Runners up:

Celebrate Summer (Asha)




TOP 5:

#07 - Lorraine's Loft
#10 - Jackie Wallace
#30 - Tracy McDonald
#37 - Shea Marshall
#44 - Frances R

B is for... Challenge (Bonnie)

Winner: # 51 Alexandra

Runners up: #30 Katharina Wikholm

#15 ~ginny

Top 5 (no particular order)

#41 Mian Hahne

#23 Marina

#68 Shea Marshall

#9 Diane W

#14 Jen Leeflang

Winners of Anything with Wings

First of all we would all like to thank you for sharing your art with us this week and we are overwhelmed with all the talent bestowed upon us - we gain so much inspiration from you all.  Thank you. xx

Here goes ladies and gents


54 - Avril

Runners Up

 37 - Coops

16 - Sue Bearhouse

Top Fivers in numerical order

41.....Katie Tate
48....Shea Marshall

Winner of handmade flowers

Another tough job.  Congrats ladies and please take the badge of your choice.  Hope to see you all again in future challenges.


25 - Maria

Runners Up

1 - Alexandra

19 - Liz

Top Fivers

7 - Papersniffer
9 - Fliss
12 - Claire C
13 - Riti
23 - Nikki P


Winners of Anything goes

This was real hard to do.  So many fab entries and I thank you all for joining in and sharing your inspirational projects with us.  Now down to business


11 - Avril B

Runners up

132 - Dragon Lady

100 - Tina

Top Fivers 
(in numerical order)

25 - Kim
65- Lalkygirl
 78 - Heather
55 - Evil Edna
 86 - Carol Gill
87 - Jen Leeflang
 115 - Tammy A
119 - Lindsay
127 - J Atterbury Creations
141 - Craftdee Donna

Please take your badges from the badge page. xx

Thank you once again... we loved them all xx


Winners of the Pinkies Anything goes challenge

I live anything goes but did I find it extremely difficult to pick but just a few from all the amazing entries.  A real headache I can tell you.  I made a decision finally after swapping and changing several times and I have to go with it or I will be here this time next week lol

Sorry to all those who were not chosen... believe me you all deserve to be winners.
Hugz Elaine xx


#35 An

Runners Up
#128 Vintage Fragments

#12 Pat K

Top Fivers (in numerical order)

#13 Gerda

#40 Heidi D
#41 Dots Dabbles
#43 Rosie
#66 Jennifer Scull
#86 Janine
#98 Laurart
#109 Anna
#118 Jackie Wallace
#145 Edie
#162 Lorraine Reeve

Thank you once again all of you for joining us last week and we hope you will come back to join in future challenges.  Ladies please take the badge of your choice from the badge page.

Hugz Elaine x


Winners of Purples Anything goes

OMW Paula was pulling her hair out over this one LOL.  So so many beautiful entries, the talent out there is outstanding.  She has made her mind up and chosen the following.  I best post this list before she deliberates further lol.


 137 Gry Anita
Runners Up
  94 Blackdragon

 54 Jacki C

Top Fivers - In numerical order

11 Tracey
26 Hussena
32 Kevin
36 Debra
48 Tjellveil
87 Vicki
97 Nancy
102 Anna
104 Chris
119 Clarissa

Thank you ladies for sharing your talent with us.  We do hope to see you in future challenges.  Please take the badge of your choice from the badges page


Winners of Its in the stars

Seeing as there were so many fabulous creations we have a winner. 2 runners up and the remainder will be top fivers.  Each and everyone of you are so talented and made Dawn's job impossible.  So here goes:


8 - Claire C

Runners up

6 - K8

5 - Yalou250809 



Top Fivers in numerical order

Erin F
Desire Fourie
Adrienne Christ 
Sonia Kertznus 
Jen Leeflang

Ladies please take the badges of your choice and thank you for playing along.  We dso hope you will join us agin in future challenges.

Hugz Elaine xx


Tag It


 #25 Gry Anita


# 11 Sandie

#7 Mark

Top Fivers (numerical order)

#5 Penni

#10 Glenda Atkins
#21 create with joy
#23 Scrappellen
#27 Cinzia C

Thank you all of you playing along and congrats to all.  This was another tough job for our Bonnie.  Hope to see you all again and please don't forget to take the badge of your choice xx


Love is in the Air - Anniversary, Engagement or Wedding

Runners Up

Top 5:

Well done ladies.  Please take your badges and thank you again for playing with us over @ EE xx


As there were only 2 entries we feel it fair to make them both winners.  The good thing is that at least 26 people visited this challenge and we view this as a success in educating in Autism.

Winners for Autism Challenge



Ladies please take the winners badge of your choice and thank you for showing us your fabulous creations last week

Hugz Elaine xx


Winners for Funny/Whimsy as chosen by Berni after much deliberation


5 Scrapellen

Runners Up

8 Sonia

13 Deonna B

Top Fivers

14 Barb O

15 R Meyers
19 Mian Hahne
20 Crafty and Green
26 Tracey MacDonald

Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations and we hope we see you all soon.  Please nab your badges  xx


Another tough job completed  and without further adieu here are the winners of 


No 14 - Coops

Runners Up
No 8 - Sarah G

No 5 - Ivonne H

Top Fivers

No 15 - Pia

No 11 - Lorraine A
No 9 - Beth
No 6 - Spyder
No 16 - Yvonne Garner

Thank you girls for sharing your creations with us.  Please help yourselves to badges of your choice

Hugz Ellapu xxx

Winners of Birthday


#3 Kaija

Runners Up

 #30 Kevin

#58 Margreet

Top Fivers



Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with us and do not forget to pick up your badges of choice.
Hugz to all xxx

Winners of 
''Something for a child''


5 - Christine Garner


Runners Up:

4 - Pauline


33 - DeonnaB

Top 5:

62 - Dorothy

66 - Tracy McDonald

38 - Anita M

26 - Elizabeth H

9 - Lis-M

Thank you ladies for your beautiful entries and believe me it was hard decision time for our Madeleen.  Please grab your badges.
Winners for Masculine challenge 
I know I keep saying this but what a tough task for our lovely Claire....


24 Joanie

Runners Up:


22 Janine

Top 5:

26 Cheryl

44 Linda Simpson

52 Pia

3 Laila aka Koneko

36 Annie
Well done ladies please help yourself to your choice of badge xx


Winners for Photo Inspiration
Another tough job for Andria this week


Runners Up:

Top Fivers:

Well done everyone.  Don't forget to choose your badge and I do hope you will join us in future challenges
Winners for the GIRLY challenge last week.  This was an extremely tough job for Sheena... Everyone is a winner in our eyes but alas there can only be but a few.  So here they are and ladies please take a badge of your choice from the badge page.

 Runners Up


Top 10



Winners from Wedding Anniversary



Runners Up



Top Fivers

Yvonne Garner
Darlene Pavilick
Diane - 25th Card

Congrats ladies and please take your cosen badge for your blogs.  Hope to see you all again real soon x

Winners of Black and White with read all over 

Its that time of the week again and I have to apologize for being late posting the winners in time for Feline Playful to pick them up.  It is entirely my fault as i had forgotten our fabulous Dawn is away for her anniversary and I FORGOT!!!!!

There ere only 6 entries last week and to be honest with you I could not pick between them so for one week only everyone is going to be a winner!

Ladies thank you for joining us for this challenge.  We loved seeing  all your work... fabulous.  Please take the badge of your choice.  Hope to see you all again real soon x

Tammy Ortiz

Christine Craig

Yvonne Garner


Gram Card



Special Birthday 


2 - Clarissa

 Runners Up

8 - Laney

1 - IreneM


Top Fivers

#3 Kate Leroche
#4 Janine
#5 Mervi
#6 Carol
#9 Coops
#10 Lindsay 


Recipe Challenge 


9 - Carla Suto

Runners Up

1 - Pink Dalmations

17 - Alyce


Clarissa #5

Lisa #10

Trudy #13

Coops #14

Anita #18

Ladies thank you for sharing your beautiful creations.  It is always so difficult to pick just a few as we think you are all winners.  Please take a badge of your choice to display on your blogs.  Hope to see you all again real soon.


SNOW MUCH FUN 6th - 12th Jan 2013


 1 Clarissa

Runners up

 22 Tracy MacDonald

16 Bettina

Top Fivers in entry order (not preference order) are

4 kbrandy4
15 Lisa  D
18 Katie Tate
21 Stephanie
25 Coldwaters2 

Congrats ladies - please take the badge of your choice from the badge page.  Hope to see you all again in future challenges


Badges specific to the 3 week Christmas/New Year challenge - Anything Goes.  Winner, Runners up and Top Picks (instead of Top Fivers for this challenge only)


Runners Up

DT TOP PICKS (For this challenge only - I wanted to show all the beautiful cards the DT have picked but unfortunately the post would be far too long)

Dawn's Picks
119 Anna
174 Caro

Paula's Picks
182 Tracy
134 Lindsay
Laurian's Picks
135 Dreamlaine
177 Arty Andrea

May's Picks
185 Dreamlaine
117 Desire Fourie 

Abigail's Favorites
73 Julie J.
181 Meighan Wheller

Jacki's Picks
79 Bettina
29 Lisa m

Vicky's Picks
118 Sande
6 Suzette

Trisha's Picks
61 Coops
87 Sharon Hudson 

Andria's Picks
92 Ann Marie Governale
159 Diane Ahlers

NanaConnie's Picks
10 R Meyers
105 Elizabeth

Berni's Picks
  106 Penny
176 Audrey

Madeleen's Picks

10 R. Meyers
29 Lisa M

Sheena's Picks
6 Suzette
43  Lisa S

Congrats ladies.  Please take the respective one off Winner, Runner Up or Top Pick badge above this post.
Hope to see you all here taking part in future challenges.
PS thank you for sharing all your gorgeous cards - believe me it was hard to pick just a few x 


Challenge 9 - Jolly & Bright

Congrats to you all. Please do not forget to take the badges of your choice.  Thank you for playing along and hope to see you soon


No. 29

Runners Up

No. 1
Andrea Schnipsel

No. 28
Carla Suto

Top Fivers

No. 10
Diane Ahlers


No. 13
Caroline E

No. 17
Sarah R

No 20 

No. 25
Angela P


Challenge 8 Santa paws &/0r snowflakes



Pat K 

Runners up

No 13 Sandra




Challenge 7

Celebration with Sparkle


Entry #43 Diane Ahlers

Runners Up

Top Fivers

Entry #4 Carla Suto

Entry #9 Vicky (6 Yrs old)

Entry # 17 Barb D
Entry#32 Lalkygirl
Entry #51 Debbie Ebat

Very well done ladies, gorgeous creations.  Please choose your badges from the Badges of Recognition page.


Challenge 6
Layers/Interactive/Openable 18- 24th Nov


Entry #16 Calypso

Runners Up

Entry #10 Clarissa

Entry #21 R Meyers


Tops Fivers - well 6 x top fivers as too hard to decide lol

Entry #18 Anna

Entry #20 Pat K

Entry #22 R Meyers 

Entry #3 Suzette

Entry #9 Hussena

Entry #4 Jo

Well done ladies - don't forget to snag your badges... x

As always a really difficult decision to make as everyones entry is absolutely fabulous but here goes....

Challenge 5 - Pink and Cream
Winner, runners up and top fivers


No 2 - Jen Leeflang

Jen please choose your winners badge from badges of recognition page
Runners Up

No 3 - Desire Fourie

No 5 - Anna

Desire and Anna please choose your runners up badge from the badges of recognition page.

Top Fivers

As there were only a few entries and it was difficult to pick 5 out of the remaining 7 Ellapu has decided to award all the remaining entries a top fiver award as follows in number order

No 1 - Tina Teasdale

No 4 - Georgina B

No 6 - Sue Bearhouse

No 7 - Sandie

No 8 - Julie J

No 9 - Caroline E

No 10 - Ashley Finical

Ladies please take the badge of your choice from the awards tab.

Thank you all for joining in and hope to see you all again real soon.


Winners, runners up and top fivers for Chellenge 4, It's a Vintage Thing in no particular order


No 31 Paper Profusion

Runners Up

No 8 - Kim

No 17 - Darlene Pavilick

Top Fivers

No 21 - Suzanne B
No 1 - Jennie
No 15 - Artwolf 2009
No 2 - Monique
No 32 - Berit Synnove

Ladies please choose the badges of your choice from the Badge page at the top of the blog.
Thank you to everyone for joining in 


 Recipe Challenge -  28 October - 3 November, 2012

1st Place - No. 14 - Debbie

Two Runners Up

No. 18 - Berit

No. 4 - Ann Marie


Top Fivers (in entry order)

No. 2 - Clarissa

No. 5 - Joan

No. 6 - Wendy (aka Papersniffer)

No. 9 - Sharon G.

No. 10 - Lorianna


Halloween - 21st October - 27th October


No.2 - Beverly Cole

Runners Up

   No 19 - Crafting Vicky
No 47 - Jen Leeflang 

Top Fivers

No 10 - SiskiyouSue

No 49 - Ann Marie Governale

No 40 - Blackdragon

No 30 - Kirsty Lee

No 33 - Donna BMC


Anything Goes - 14th Oct - 20th October

Oh my word, this was an extremely hard task to carry out picking just 13 entries out of such alot of talent. I wish I could have picked everyone really I do. Well done to each and everyone of you... so so talented. However here are my choices after hours of procrastination.

Winner please take your badge of choice from the 'Badges of Recognition' page.


No 23 - Blackdragon


Runners up please take your badges of choice from the Awards page.

Two Runners up

No 16 - Amy Yoorthuis  


No 14 - An

TOP FIVERS please take your badges of choice from the Awards page.


No 7 - Vintage Fragment

No 19 - Julia (S-W)

No 26 - Ardilla

No 39 - Pat K

No 41 - Carly Ann

N0 53 - Bonnie Irvine

No 59 - Zoechaos

N0 62 - Evas Scraproom

N0 77 - Cathy D

No 115 - R Meyers  

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